Holistic Balance Sheet Management to Reduce Insurance Premiums


InsuranceInspect Services brings together over 20 years of reducing insurance premiums for business clients

An independent holistic Insurance Strategy review service, including bespoke financial (technical) balance sheet issues raised from clients over the last 20 years, not usually considered by Insurance Managers,
but essential for your Finance Director to gain a holistic view of your corporate risks.

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InsuranceInspect covers the following key areas in a fully-integrated approach:

  1. Your Existing Risks (Your Past)
  2. Your Risk Transfer Options (Your Future)
  3. Your Product Design & Marketing (Your CustomMade Product)
  4. Analysis of Your Tender Responses (Your Best Providers)
  5. Placement Adminstration (and Anti-Money Laundering) (Your Money)
  6. Ongoing Review and Monitoring of Your Risk Transfer Decision (Your Review Process)

Did you know that many clients do not consider their reserving for existing risks when purchasing future cover?

Many client examples show over-reserving for existing risks, meaning reserves can be released to safely support increased future risk taking/buying less future insurance

Did you know that you can design your own insurance product to meet your strategic objectives?

Many clients simply accept the off-the-shelf products offered by insurers.

Did you know that many organisations are exempt from the normally mandatory covers. e.g. employers’ liability?

If this applies to you, then armed with my actuarial data, you can confidently and safely decline to buy this cover.

We understand that there’s a responsibility to ensure that the money that you’ve been entrusted with by your shareholders, council tax payers or donors is spent wisely. That’s why it’s our mission to find out exactly what you need, so that we can identify areas in which you’re paying too much for your coverage.

We are adept at determining exactly what areas require coverage, and where you can reduce your coverage, to ensure that every pound spent on insurance is being used efficiently and is necessary to the safety and security of your financial stability.

Uniquely, we also consider the security for your claimants; we can put in place claimant security solutions, so you can safely take high excesses, if they are right for you, to demonstrate that you care about your claimants.

Uniquely, we also consider your overall balance sheet and risks which you are taking day-to-day (such as risk of falling sales) which are uninsured, to fully understand your risk appetite.

You could say our motto is

“Just because it’s insurable, doesn’t mean that it should be insured!”

Moreover, we don’t shy away from the uncomfortable truth that some insurance companies do fail, and make sure that you have clear, unbiased advice.

Unique Money-Back Guarantee

I am so confident that my Full Implementation Plan will work for you that:

If you follow my Full Implementation Plan and it fails to reduce your premiums by at least the Full Implementation Fee, the Full Implementation Fee will be refunded in full.

My most recent clients achieved premium reductions of c10x their fees; in fact, the fees were covered by the savings in IPT alone!

Take the First Step

If you pay more than £100,000 pa in corporate insurance premiums, sign up for an Initial or Full Healthcheck now to see all the possibilities; think like your most innovative competitors and gain the competitve edge by reducing your overall business costs, in a proven, holistic way.

“Ask John to perform his version of search and destroy on your premiums”

“Ask John to perform his version of search and destroy on your premiums”