Let us take you on a journey…with your money back if we don’t deliver.


Money-Back Guarantee

If you follow our Full Implementation Plan and it fails to reduce your premiums by at least the Full Implementation Fee, the Full Implementation Fee will be refunded in full.


A Full Implementation Plan is only provided as part of Full (not Initial) Healthchecks, containing recommendations (with timescales) in each of the areas reviewed by the Full Healthcheck

(If a Full Healthcheck reveals that Substantial premium savings are not possible or not Safe for your Strategy, a Full Implementation Plan is not offered)

Terms & Conditions

The money-back guarantee applies if all of the following conditions are satisfied:

  1. You commissioned our Full Implementation Plan within 3m of the date of a Full Healthcheck
  2. You implemented all Recommendations within the specified timescales (typically 3m-12m, depending on extent of work identified/required)
  3. You paid the Full Implementation Fees in full and on time (within 30 days), as the Implementation progressed
  4. You re-tendered relevant policies in accordance with our direction and normal market practice within recommended timescales (eg 12m, 24m, 36m, depending on any current LTAs)
  5. You failed to achieve a premium reduction (before IPT) greater than the Full Implementation Fee (voluntary non-renewal of any policy will count as a premium reduction, if part of Recommendations)

You Stay in Control

  • Cost control: The Full Implementation Fee will be bespoke to the work required, but will not exceed 30x the cost of the original Full Healthcheck, and may be refunded in full, as above. In most cases, the Full Implementation Fee is no more than your current annual IPT spend
  • Tender control: You remain in control of the final selections of broker, insurer and product; provided you have incorporated our selection/marking criteria, the money-back guarantee applies
  • Product control: You remain in control of the final selection of XS/AGGs etc.; provided these are above or equal to our recommended minima (which may be the same as your existing) to optimise your use of capital, the money-back guarantee applies

“Ask John to perform his version of search and destroy on your premiums”

“Ask John to perform his version of search and destroy on your premiums”