What do we mean by Substantially, Safely and Strategically?


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  • Typical premium reductions acheived: c80% of current premiums, from poorly-designed programs
  • Typical net savings acheived: c33% of premium spend (net of all fees, risk financing costs etc) from poorly-designed programmes
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  • Essential foundations (Your Past, Your Future) considered in detail first, before consideration of need for any broker/insurer at all
  • Comprehensive step-by-step approach (Your CustomMade Product, Your Tender Responses, Your Money) to determine best, unbiased broker/product/insurance solution
  • Essential consideration of claimant security for any self-insured elements (escrows, imprests, custodians)
  • Essential post-placement monitoring (Your Review Process) to demonstrate success of chosen strategy
  • Based on robust actuarial methods and backed by extensive data, including insurers’ published Regulatory filings and public Solvency Reports
  • Advice in plain English, no software black boxes
  • Unrushed advice, plenty of time for your internal consideration and review; a full Implementation Plan typically takes 3-12 months, depending on the complexity of your business/current insurance strategy
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  • Designed around your bespoke corporate strategy and your bespoke balance sheet
  • Your current “Off-the-shelf” solutions/policies are often not cost-effective/balance sheet inefficient
  • Thus essential foundations (Your Past, Your Future) must be considered in detail first
  • Any insurance programme recommended is bespoke to you, your risk appetite and risk timeframe – no two clients are the same
  • Any insurance programme recommended will fit in with your wider strategy of using/issuing LOCs/LOIs/other guarantees (which have no IPT charge)
  • Managed claimant security solutions available to give you strategic advantage/customer security

Money-Back Gurarntee

If you follow my Full Implementation Plan and fail to achieve a premium saving to cover the Full implementation Fee, the Full Implementation Fee will be refunded in full

You Stay in Control

Tender control: You remain in control of final selections of broker, insurer and product; provided you have incorporated my selection/marking criteria, the money-back guarantee applies

Product control: You remain in control of final selection of XS/AGGs etc.; provided these are at least equal to my recommended minima (which may be the same, more or less than your existing, to optimise your use of capital), the money-back guarantee applies

“Ask John to perform his version of search and destroy on your premiums”

“Ask John to perform his version of search and destroy on your premiums”