A robust step-by-step approach, whichever Healthcheck you choose…


Our reviews cover each of the following areas, according to your Healthcheck Scope



Included in Initial Heathcheck

Included in Full Heathcheck

I. Your Past Realistic Reserves
Data Inventory
Core Risk Metrics
Legacy Policies: fit for purpose?
II. Your Future Risk Appetite
Statutory Obligations & Exemptions
Data Inventory
Expected Maximum Losses (EMLs)
EML cash-flow/term profile
EMLs: Insurability
EMLs: Risk Consistency
EMLs: Balance sheet volatility
Cost of capital
Indirect hedging
Non-insurance alternatives
III. Your Custom Made Product Optimal product design
Structuring and Layering
Premium decision range
Strength of LTA wording
Compensation Scheme Access?
Marketing: Solvency II friendly?
Specific broker experience
Specific insurer experience
IV.Your Best Provider Gap analysis
Insurer profit margin
Solvency guarantees?
Solvency II capital coverage
Recoverability of sales taxes
Policy add-ons/”freebies”
Broker remuneration
Solvency monitoring/exit clauses
Evidence of “hard-ball” negotiation
V. Your Money Money-Laundering
Contract certainty: risks & delays
Claimant security
VI. Your Review Process Reviewing the risk transfer decision
Solvency II issues/premium impacts
New/replacement products
Premium rates and trends

In summary

  1. What can you learn from your past? How much profit have insurers made from you?
  2. What can happen in your future? How likely are large claims really? What’s the best way to pay for them?
  3. Is an off-the-shelf policy right for you? What are the alternatives? Why insure in the first place?
  4. Is the brokers’ panel comprehensive enough? How much are they being paid? What if you need a bespoke solution?
  5. Is there security for your claimants?
  6. Did you make the right decision at your last renewal?

“Ask John to perform his version of search and destroy on your premiums”

“Ask John to perform his version of search and destroy on your premiums”